With MarkO you will be reminded at the right place in the right time

MarkO is a productivity application that will help you get reminded in the most appropriate time or place. It offers a quick and easy solution for your daily tasks or errands, where you need to be reminded. Never forget anything, anytime, anywhere. MarkO is here to help you be lazy and productive at the same time.

Easy as 1,2,3

With MarkO's smart suggestions you will be able to get around trough your busy day and create reminders with just a tap away.

Get reminded at the RIGHT PLACE in the RIGHT TIME

Have a wide smile on your cheeks because now, with MarkO you will be able to complete your daily routines right where they need to be finished.

Reach everyone, everywhere

Have your friends join you in the quest of completing your tasks easily with the Share-Mood, regardless if they have MarkO on their phones or not.

How does MarkO look

MarkO's special features

Smart suggestions

Powered by its unique Artificial Intelligence, MarkO gives you Smart Suggestions based on the context of the reminder and provides you with the best possible ways for you to get reminded.

Location Awareness

State of the art algorythm that will make MarkO remind you at the right place in the right time, and will make sure you'll never forget anything, anytime, anywhere.

Super Sharing

Marko's unique integrations allow you to get to your friends through the most popular chat applications like Facebook Messenger, Skype etc. and share with them unlimited number of reminders for FREE.